Our Partner Giacomo Rojas Elgueta, together with Co-editors James Hosking and Yasmine Lahlou, release 22 additional national reports on the ICCA Hearing Project

Following the initial publication of four national reports last December, on 8 February 2021 Co-editors Giacomo Rojas Elgueta, James Hosking and Yasmine Lahlou, in collaboration with ICCA, released 22 additional reports from New York Convention jurisdictions across the globe.

These reports reveal many common trends and convergences in response to the core questions of the survey. The Co-editors look forward to seeing whether the reports on the next batch of jurisdictions, to be released in early March, show similar trends or highlight different national approaches. 

All national reports will be published individually on this dedicated page of the ICCA website, allowing the international arbitration community access to this user-friendly resource.

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