Our Partner Giacomo Rojas Elgueta spoke at two events dedicated to the “Right to a Physical Hearing” project as part of ICCA’s 60th Anniversary celebrations

On December 7 and 9, 2021 our Partner Giacomo Rojas Elgueta participated in two webinars on the research project “Does a Right to a Physical Hearing Exist in International Arbitration?” organized by the International Council for Commercial Arbitration (ICCA) as part of their 60th Anniversary celebrations.

Together with Co-editors James Hosking and Yasmine Lahlou, Prof. Rojas Elgueta has discussed the key findings and global trends emerging from a comparative survey of 78 New York Convention jurisdictions, which was published between December 2020 and May 2021 with the help of national reporters across the globe.

Following the publication of the survey, a general report is being prepared which will include the Co-editors’ analysis of the findings from the survey as well a series of essays addressing the interplay between remote hearings and key conceptual issues in international arbitration.

All 78 national reports and further information on the project are available on this dedicated webpage on ICCA’s website.