D|R Arbitration & Litigation launches the D|R Factory

The emergency of Covid-19 and the following restrictive measures are reshaping the legal world under several aspects. International commercial contracts, international commercial arbitration and investment arbitration (the areas at the core of D|R Arbitration & Litigation’s practice) have been highly impacted by the pandemic and will be at the center of multiple evolutions unleashed by this extraordinary time.

This is why D|R Arbitration & Litigation decided to set-up a “Factory”, a virtual place where to “produce” new ideas and where to stimulate high-level discussions on a full-range of legal consequential issues.

D|R Factory’s aim is to bring together and engage leading experts in open debates and private roundtables and to promote and conduct in-depth researches about the most significant legal developments.

Among the different initiatives of the Factory, today we are launching the D|R Factory Paper Series. Our first paper, authored by Giacomo Rojas Elgueta and Benedetta Mauro collects and summarizes 21 cases – decided by either a court or an arbitral tribunal in the past 100 years – where Force Majeure, or similar legal doctrines, have been invoked in an epidemic or pandemic time. You can read it here.