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D|R Arbitration & Litigation partners have been involved as arbitrators in several ad hoc or institutional arbitration proceedings, both at domestic and international level.

Indeed, we are convinced that international arbitration is a unique tool for settling disputes, characterized by competence, efficiency and enforceability and we endeavour to keep these values in mind when acting as arbitrators.

Our partners are familiar with some of the major institutional rules, including those of the ICC, ICSID, CRCICA, CAM, and UNCITRAL. Having been members of some of these institutions, they have acquired expertise in the application of the arbitration rules as well as in the procedures and in those issues that most frequently arise in practice (validity of the arbitration agreement, difficulties in the appointment of the arbitral tribunal, inactivity of a party, case management conference, procedural orders, consolidation, challenges of arbitrators, interaction with the institution).