D|R Arbitration & Litigation was founded in early 2019 on the strong belief that a boutique law firm is the most suitable structure to offer premier arbitration and litigation services.

For this reason, we have built a result-oriented team, moved by dedication, passion and expertise determined to provide the highest standard of services and the most effective solutions for the benefit of the firm’s clients.

D|R Arbitration & Litigation lawyers act as counsel or co-counsel in complex litigation and commercial arbitration proceedings, representing Italian and international clients.

Also, D|R Arbitration & Litigation partners regularly act as sole or co-arbitrators in ad hoc or institutional arbitrations, both at domestic and international level. Furthermore, they have been frequently appointed as expert witnesses in international arbitration and court proceedings.


Five core values are the essence of our identity:

Commitment: Our work is built on the conviction that an excellent service cannot but stem from constant dedication and utmost focus. We are committed to being a client-centered law firm, responsive in understanding our clients’ objectives and needs in order to deliver valuable and sound advice.

Independence: We adhere to our professional responsibilities in all our dealings, acting ethically and being aware that avoiding conflicts of interests is vitally important to us. Furthermore, being a boutique law firm allows us to minimize the risk of being conflicted.

Expertise: In establishing D|R Arbitration & Litigation, we envisioned the considerable potential of merging their extensive professional experience and their academic stature in the field of international and comparative private law.

Flexibility: By opting for a boutique structure we have eliminated all those burdens that typically affect the daily activity of big law firms. Our lawyers are free from diversions that are of no additional value for clients, which results in more dynamism and engagement than larger counterparts. Additionally, our team is able to interact and work in partnership with colleagues from other firms in a constructive and cooperative manner, whenever necessary to attain the best solutions for the clients.

Cost-Effectiveness: A streamlined structure translates into significant savings, enabling us to offer transparent, flexible and reasonable fees.